About us

As myfitbody weight loss lifestyle coaches we offer you an alternative approach to the crash dieting methods often used by people wanting to lose weight.

The myfitbody team has developed a proven and highly successful eating program based on simple and readily available foods and ingredients.

myfitbody offers you a tailored lifestyle program, and as your personal coaches we will be available to you 24/7 on the phone, or via sms or email.

myfitbody coaches have the ability to identify and help you break down the barriers you face when dealing with weight loss.

We provide as much support as YOU deem necessary.

Our myfitbody team consists of talented professionals with a broad range of experience and skills in the health, well-being and weight loss industry. Our high level of service and dedication to you will assist you in achieving astounding results.

Susie Beville

Susie, a confessed former gym and diet “junkie” has spent the last 20 years researching and trying almost every weight loss “solution” available. Realizing that most if not all of these had major shortcomings, Susie committed herself to devising a lifestyle program to fit into ANY lifestyle… even yours.

Through her own life experiences, including:

– An obsession with the diet industry

– Countless gym programs and personal trainers

– Two pregnancies

– Motherhood

– Excessive weight gain

– Divorce; and

– Juggling a career and a family (as a single mother)

Susie has what it takes to advise her clients. Her personal experience qualifies her to provide solutions to overcome almost any obstacle.

Over the past 20 years Susie has heard (and made up!) every excuse in the book about why people cannot lose weight and claims she doesn’t mind hearing them. She enjoys the challenge of working through those barriers and has an innate ability to simplify any problem and devise lasting solutions.

‘Losing weight, becoming lean, getting fit, toning up, and generally improving your health shouldn’t come with excuses or be an uphill battle. It should, and can be, a fun, satisfying and life changing experience. If we are helped along the way by people who care and are committed to your success, we are bound to succeed’ she says.

The myfitbody team are very excited to be able to bring this program to YOU. TOGETHER we have no doubt that we can help YOU SUCCEED!

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