About the program:

Our program is simple to follow and based on the following principles:

  1. no wheat and dairy – Why avoid wheat and dairy? and (myfitbody coaches provide healthy alternatives)
  2. smaller meals more often
  3. walking
  4. increase water consumption – myfitbody coaches will advise you the best ways to make this apart of your daily routine
  5. being able to cook efficiently – myfitbody cooking demonstrations will give you the ‘know how’ as we are all time poor
  6. myfitbody will provide you with simple strategies to be organized and be prepared for every meal
  7. make the best choice possible at the time – with the help of myfitbody coaches
  8. the coaches at myfitbody will supply you with effective tactics on how to increase weight loss during your everyday tasks
  9. And much much more! Please visit myfitbody for more information

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