As the Australian population faces a growing ‘obesity’ epidemic, the team at myfitbody understands that unless the population is educated about the effect food has on your body, this epidemic will continue to grow.

myfitbody is a company specializing in weight loss lifestyle coaching.

myfitbody coaches recognize that lifestyles and eating habits have evolved over time. Lifestyles are busier than ever, with work, family, friends, social arrangements, co-curricular activities, hobbies, exercise and worst of all the continual increase of your daily chores. The hectic lifestyle we have today increases the importance of your daily fuel (energy) consumption.


myfitbody coaches are here to guide, motivate and educate you by using effective and proven techniques that lead to gradual yet PERMANENT weight loss. You will never be hungry on one of our programs as you lose weight with our support in a comfortable, relaxed and trusting environment. Our aim is to ensure you lose weight and keep it off by establishing a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

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